Consultant Gynaecologist and Lead Gyn Oncologist at Croydon University Hospital. Mr. Nama is also an Honorary Consultant at St. George’s Hospital and Royal Marsden Hospital

Consultant Gynaecologist | Sub Specialist in Gyn Oncology

I studied medicine in India and Gynaecology interested me at the outset because of its mix of medical and surgical specialities. It required development of laparoscopic and complex pelvic surgery skills which suited my desire to work with my hands.

During my training in India, the British Council initiated sponsorship of a select few to attend further training in the UK, and I was delighted to have been one of the doctors selected.

Training in the UK

My initial UK training involved several years of working in District General and Teaching Hospitals.

To provide the best patient care, an important aspect in medicine is the ability to appraise and implement evidence into practice. The British Heart Foundation awarded me with a grant to enrol into a Masters degree focusing on research at the University of London. This was a rewarding experience which included meeting and learning from eminent doctors in the Obstetrics and Gynaecology fields. I published several papers, journal chapters and gave oral presentations. In 2010, I was awarded the Best Oral Presentation from the UK at the American Heart Association Scientific conference in Chicago.

A year later my research on the prediction of pre-eclampsia won the best poster presentation from the American Cardiology Association and a mention in the Association’s press release.  My paper on Caesarean section at Maternal Request was published in the Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (RCOG) Journal and was also announced in a RCOG press release. This paper continues to be quoted by many Obstetricians to voice the uncertainties surrounding this subject.


By now, I had acquired the skills and experience to have a broad perspective in every aspect of my chosen field. This was crucial as I began formal training in Gynaecological Oncology to acquire the skills to prevent, diagnose and treat gynaecological cancers. My research interest in this field continued by authoring several papers and book chapters and included the ability to conduct meta-analysis (the ability to combine many studies into one single study) for Cochrane reviews I was then awarded a visiting Fellowship to the Memorial Sloane Kettering Hospital in the US.

This was of tremendous benefit as it enabled me to observe and learn from best practice in one of the world’s leading cancer centres in a health care market that was different to that I’d experienced in the NHS.I completed my RCOG accredited sub-speciality programme in 2014 and was appointed as a Consultant Senior Lecturer at the University of Bristol as Research lead in Gyn Oncology and undergraduate teaching.It was a great pleasure working in the beautiful and satisfying academic world for two years. During this time, I was able to secure a local charitable grant to investigate an increased capability to find biomarkers that would predict response to chemotherapy in ovarian cancer and predict recurrences.

I then decided to move to London to live closer to the family as my wife is a paediatric cardiologist and works in Redhill. My current position is Clinical Lead for Gyn Oncology at Croydon University Hospital and an Honorary Consultant at the Royal Marsden Hospital and St. George’s Hospital in London.My research interest is maintained by authoring meta-analysis for Cochrane and conducting clinical studies. I am a Principal Investigator for the SEARCH trial and MROC trial at Croydon looking at epidemiological factors for ovarian and endometrial cancer and the role of MRI in predicting surgical outcomes in ovarian cancer respectively.I enjoy what I do waking up and feeling happy everyday as I leave for a day at work.I am blessed with two daughters who take up most of my evenings and weekends and I would not have it any different. In the little time I have for myself, I enjoy running and swimming.

With my many years of training and breadth of experience, the focus of my care is on listening to patients and addressing the problems they face.
I strive to provide evidence-based care with the key objective of improving quality of life with a precise balance between interventional benefit and risk.

My ethos is to provide compassionate, cost-effective and efficient care. Patient satisfaction and my experience are quintessential pillars of all the decisions I make. With over 18 years of experience in gynaecology and gynaecological oncology. I bring an evidence-based approach to my practice made easier thanks to my research activities and the many national and international presentations I undertake If you are concerned about any gynaecological condition, I will be able to help you. I specialise in gynaecological cancers which have provided me with the skill to perform complex operations with ease. I also specialise in cervical smear, vulval conditions and hormone replacement therapy.

Qualifications –Mr Vivek Nama 

  • Advanced Skills Module in Menopause Care – Ongoing
  • RCOG and GMC accredited Subspeciality training in Gyn Oncology
  • British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology Certification for Colposcopy
  • Advanced Training Speciality Module in Gyn Oncology
  • Advanced Training Speciality Module in Labour ward
  • Masters of Research (MD Res) – St. George’s University of London
  • Member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist
Minor Gynaecological Procedures: Hysteroscopy, removal of polyps under local and general anaesthetic. Colposcopy and Vulvoscopy with smear test and Laser excision of precancerous cells. Endometrial Ablation, Resection of fibroids, endometrium through the cervix.

Gynaecological Surgery – Complex hysterectomy for previous multiple surgeries, large fibroids, adhesions and severe endometriosis. Myomectomy and resection of large fibroids.

Gynaecological Cancer Surgery – Surgery for endometrial, ovarian, cervical and vulval cancers.

Advanced Laparoscopic surgery including Hysterectomy, Treatment of Endometriosis, removal of tubes and ovaries, myomectomy (removal of fibroids) and tubal recanalization.

Screening for gynaecological cancers – Hysteroscopy and biopsy for bleeding after menopause, Colposcopy and treatment of precancerous lesions of the cervix, laparoscopy for elevated CA125. Vulvoscopy for precancerous lesions of the vulva and vagina.

Menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy

I currently Supervise an MD student at the University of Bristol. The project involves looking at biomarkers to predict response to chemotherapy and predicts recurrence in advanced Ovarian cancer.

The principal investigator for SEARCH trial and MROC trial at Croydon University Hospital.

Teaching Activities
Invited Lecture at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Annual CPD conference.

Invited Lecture on LLETZ treatment and the risk of Preterm labour on the South West Colposcopy accreditation course.

Course Organizer and Instructor at the St. George’s MRCOG course.

Instructor on ‘Pelvic Anatomy for Obstetric and Gynaecology Trainees for Bristol’.

OSCE Examiner for Year 4 Medical Students at Croydon University Hospital.

Best experience with a doctor in 13 years of Uk.  Made the unpleasant situation so easy and comfortable. Such a professional attitude.Thank you Dr. Vivek Nama


Mr Nama could not do enough to support the young lady we care for who has severe learning difficulties. He was very professional and ensured that the young lady received the best care possible while also ensuring that her “best interest “ was paramount at all times. Thank you to Mr Nama and his team for all the help and support to us all.


Just a note to say how much I appreciated your care. You just made a whole difference to my anxiety about my health. May God bless you to continue your committed and dedicated care to all your patients.


I contacted Mr Nama following a recommendation from a friend who works in the NHS and I have been so happy with the entire process. Mr Nama responded to my initial inquiry extremely quickly, The appointment times and locations were very flexible. After our first meeting I was confident I had found an extremely knowledgeable and professional Surgeon. Mr Nama carried out my laparoscopy in September 2017 he visited me before the procedure and answered all my questions with patience and was very attentive. Mr Nama is exceptionally compassionate, caring and always available to answer your needs. Following my procedure Mr Nama kept a close eye on my recovery and continues to support me on my journey. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Nama.


Mr Nama performed a laparoscopic total hysterectomy on me in August 2017. I was back on my feet within two weeks and fully recovered and back to work in 6 weeks. I have the tiniest of scars that no one would ever know that I had, had major surgery. Mr Namas care was second to none both pre and post op. A huge thank you to Mr Nama for giving me back a normal life.


I found Mr Nama very professional, who provided great support from my operation to my after care. He was very supportive and very approachable and thorough in dealing with my questions, and when I was diagnosed with an infection after my operation.


I am extremely delighted with the care and professionalism of Mr Nama pre and post surgery, he showed a genuine interest in the wellbeing of his patient, ensuring I was happy, well informed and comfortable during consultations and procedure. Mr Nama took the time to clearly discuss with me what was to happen every step of the way, always happy to be contacted and answer questions. He ensured I kept under observation post surgery as I wasn't too well and reviewed me prior to discharge to ensure I was ok to go home, even when I was made to feel a burden or that I should be sent home earlier by other staff on ward. I would have no hesitation to recommend the care of Mr Nama to anyone else.


The above gentleman performed my keyhole Hysterectomy (inc Fallopian tubes-cervix-ovaries) on Sat 23rd September 2017. From the first consultation through to my operation and aftercare, Mr Nama was a delight to deal with. His "bedside manner" assurances, and ability to explain procedures were exemplary. All literature, emails and calls were made as promised, which at a very stressful time made a huge difference and was greatly appreciated. My operation was a success, with no complications. My pain was so minimal that I left hospital the following evening and needed no pain relief at all. My scars are completely healed and scarring practically non existent. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Nama to my nearest and dearest. It is just a shame he only specialises in gynaecology, I have a bad shoulder and back!!!!!


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